Utilize WiCell's process to deposit your cell lines

Your time is valuable.  Eliminate the burden of shipping lines from your laboratory, and trust WiCell’s 15 years of dedicated experience with stem cells.  We’ll manage all aspects of your distribution, allowing you to focus on research.

When you deposit your cell line with WiCell, your time will no longer be spent on:

  • Shipping and customs paperwork:  As the leading distributor of human pluripotent stem cell lines, WiCell is well versed in the intricacies of shipping material to worldwide destinations efficiently.
  • Technical Support:  WiCell assists with the successful establishment of your cell lines in receiving laboratories, freeing you from this time consuming activity.
  • Contract Management:  WiCell works with depositors to develop reasonable MTAs that preserve depositor rights and appropriately carry through original donor restrictions.  WiCell can also manage those contracts, saving you significant time and effort.
  • Producing cells to distribute: WiCell ensures the continued availability of high quality material.  Rebanking based on demand is automatic, and your cell line will continue to be available without interruption.  WiCell screens all distributed lots to certify that the material being shipped meets the high quality standards necessary in this fast-paced field.  

Additional benefits to further your lab’s resources include:

  • Know Where Your Cells Are Going: Quarterly reports are provided, letting you know which institutions and principle investigators have received your cells.
  • Safeguard Your Cell Lines by Storing in Multiple Locations: Protect your research from potential disaster associated with power outages, equipment failures, and other catastrophic events.  WiCell’s response team is on call 24/7, and the emergency system includes immediate notification and back-up generator, in addition to offsite storage.

Distribution Challenges for iPS and ES Cell Lines

Rapid advancements in stem cell technology have sparked a demand for an increased number of pluripotent stem cell lines.  Significant investments are being made in the production of new iPS cell lines as well as modified versions of ES and iPS cell lines that can be used as tools to investigate, understand, and improve human health.  To fully exploit the potential of these new lines and capitalize on the tremendous investment in their production, the lines must be secured, characterized, and widely distributed.  To achieve the greatest benefit, this must be done in a way that allows inclusion of all lines (including “orphan” cell lines), reduces the financial and technical burden on the labs depositing cell lines, and eases the process for investigators requesting materials.

The WiCell Solution

To meet this need WiCell has developed a streamlined method for depositing cell lines into WiCell’s repository.  The new approach enables laboratories to deposit cell lines at no cost, eliminating financial concerns associated with deposit, and ensuring that their cell lines are secure and available without the burden and distraction associated with distribution.  Equally as important, depositing with WiCell allows the scientific community easy access to these important cell lines.  Well established screening and characterization studies ensure that distributed cell materials are safe and of the highest quality.  Additionally, access to technical support assists in the successful establishment of your cell lines in receiving laboratories.

How It Works

To deposit your cell lines with WiCell for distribution, contact [email protected] and request a Deposit Form and a Biomaterials Distribution Agreement.  Once agreements are fully executed, ship WiCell 12 vials of material.  WiCell bears all other costs associated with receiving,   storage, website updates, marketing, and administration of the initial deposit of materials.  Prior to distribution, all cell lines are tested for mycoplasma and sterility, and karyotype and identity are confirmed.  Fees collected from investigators requesting materials fund the characterization and rebanking of in-demand lines, and support the continued preservation of all materials deposited in the WiCell Stem Cell Bank.  WiCell’s established record in MOU/SLA/MTA preparation and execution, contract management, and domestic and international shipping assure that cell lines will be distributed widely and without impediment.  WiCell also offers ongoing customer and technical service to support all cell lines deposited in the bank.  This guarantees that any questions are answered in a timely manner, and helps to ensure the success of investigators using cell lines provided through WiCell.