Alex Paguirigan, Assistant Cell Culture Specialist

Alex works at WiCell as an Assistant Cell Culture Specialist; she works to keep the stem cell bank lab orderly and well stocked and assists with reagent preparation, supply orders, quality control testing, campus deliveries, and performing assays.  In addition to her work in the lab, Alex also assists QA with various projects.  Alex is currently working towards her Associate of Applied Science degree.  Her favorite thing about working at WiCell is the culture, which consists of silly co-workers, cruises, crock-pot Tuesdays and Pi day.   

“My work experience here at WiCell continues to grow even after a year of being here! Each day at WiCell is a learning opportunity for me and everyone is so helpful, friendly and patient! I have never worked in an environment where everyone was as close and motivating as everyone is here.” 

Fun Fact: The Office is Alex’s favorite show.