Jenny Brehm, Senior Project Specialist - WiCell Stem Cell Bank

Jenny is the Senior Project Specialist of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank; she prioritizes work for the Stem Cell Bank to meet internal and client needs, is responsible for training new employees on cell culture, qualifying and maintaining supplies of critical reagents, and providing technical support to WiCell customers.  Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science from UW-Eau Claire in Biology. Prior to joining WiCell, she was a technician in the Media Optimization Laboratory for Dr. James Thomson at UW-Madison where she helped to develop and optimize the mTeSR1 culture medium. 

The things she enjoys most about WiCell is the comradery shared among her co-workers and our common goal to produce superior products and services to the worldwide stem cell research field. Away from WiCell Jenny enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking, and playing the trumpet.