Sondra Minter, Cell Culture Specialist

As a Cell Culture Specialist, Sondra creates banks of stem cells, performs flow cytometry and quality control testing of reagents (mTeSR1, FBS, Frozen Irradiated MEFs, KOSR, etc.), prepares MEFs for use internally and for local researchers, as well as assists in the support of UW-Madison researchers. As part of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank team, Sondra assists with the distribution of stem cell lines to researchers worldwide.  Sondra earned her Bachelors of Art in Zoology from UW-Madison, and Stem Cell Technologies post-baccalaureate certificate from Madison College.  Sondra enjoys the small, close-knit, family-like community that we work in. 

 Fun Fact:  Sondra has an insect collection.