The WiCell Team

We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate people who share purpose, values and goals.  We serve stem cell researchers around the world by providing high quality products and services with unsurpassed customer service.  We promote an environment emphasizing professionalism, respect, and communication.  We strive to make a positive difference in research that will ultimately provide cures and improve the human condition.

Jenny Brehm
Stem Cell Bank Lab Manager

Robert Drape 
Executive Director 

Dawn Graham 
Document Control Specialist 

Anna Lisa Larson 
Senior Research Specialist 

Tenneille Ludwig
Director WiCell Stem Cell Bank 

Benjamin Nisler
Senior Research Specialist/Developer

Katie Remondini 
Assistant Cell Culture Specialist 

Gustavo Velazquez 
Research Specialist 

Haley Bruner
Cell Culture Quality Assurance Assistant 

Dan Felkner 
Stem Cell Bank Distribution Manager 

Anjelica Klade 
Office Administrator

Kim Leonhard 
Senior Research Specialist 

Erik McIntire
Senior Research Specialist

Alexandria Paguirigan 
Lab Assistant

Erica Schutter 
Cytogenetics Specialist 

Mike Daywalt
Facility Coordinator

Jenna Gay
Quality Assurance Manager

Erik Kremers 
Cell Culture Quality Assurance Assistant

Susan Langbehn
Contract Manager 

Sondra Minter
Assistant Cell Culture Specialist 

Luke Phelps-McGuire
Administrative Services Manager

Seth Taapken
Senior Lab Manager