Contract Banking

Cell banking, while critical for establishing, preserving and characterizing newly developed cell lines, is a time-consuming task that can tie up resources and distract from scientific research. WiCell’s contract banking service can ease this burden by assisting you in your ES and iPS cell banking efforts.

  • Excellent Communication: From receipt of seed vials through delivery of the final cell bank, our staff will work with your investigators to assure the best possible outcome.
  • Expert Staff: WiCell has established itself as a recognized world leader in the field of human ES and iPS cell banking and characterization. Our banking staff will coordinate with your investigators to expand and bank novel ES and iPS cell lines, and perform the assays necessary to qualify the cell lines as high quality pluripotent stem cells. 
  • Quality Oversight: Cells will be banked in accordance with WiCell’s high quality assurance standards developed as part of the NIH-funded National Stem Cell Bank. 
  • Characterization Options: Characterization testing is done to your specifications, but we recommend a minimum of STR to establish and confirm identity, karyotype to demonstrate genetic stability, sterility and mycoplasma testing to assure the cells are not contaminated, flow cytometry for Oct4 and SSEA4 to establish the banked cells as undifferentiated, and teratoma or embryoid body analysis to demonstrate pluripotency. 
  • Complete Documentation: Final reports documenting the results as well as any materials, slides or images generated as part of testing will be provided along with banked material.  
Please contact us via “Request Additional Information” for more details. 

With WiCell as Your Lab Partner, your team can concentrate on the science
while you leave the banking to us.