Distribute your cell lines through wicell

Your time is valuable.  Eliminate the burden of shipping cell lines from your laboratory, and trust WiCell’s unrivaled experience with stem cells.  We will manage all aspects of your distribution, allowing you to focus on research.


Wicell deposit process

Please contact us via “Request Additional Information” for more details. 

When you deposit your cell lines with WiCell, your time will no longer be spent on:

  • Shipping and customs paperwork:  As the earliest distributor of human pluripotent stem cell lines, WiCell is well versed in the intricacies of efficiently shipping materials worldwide.
  • Technical Support:  WiCell assists with the successful establishment of your cell lines in receiving laboratories, freeing you from this time-consuming activity.
  • Contract Management:  WiCell works with depositor’s preferred MTAs, preserving depositor rights and appropriately carrying through original donor restrictions.  WiCell can also manage the execution of those contacts, saving you significant time and effort.
  • Producing cells to distribute: WiCell ensures the continued availability of high-quality material.  Rebanking based on demand is automatic, and your cell line will continue to be available without interruption.  WiCell screens all distributed lots to assure that the material being shipped meets the high-quality standards necessary in this fast-paced field.  

additional benefits include

  • Visibility:  Information on each cell line deposited will be made available on WiCell’s website, including characterization data and links to data repositories (e.g. dbGaP).  This allows investigators easier access to data for evaluating lines prior to ordering.     
  • Transparency: Quarterly reports are provided, summarizing the institutions and principal investigators that have received your cells. 
  • Security: Protect your research from potential disaster associated with power outages, equipment failures, and other catastrophic events.  WiCell’s response team is on call 24/7, and the emergency system includes immediate notification and a backup generator, in addition to offsite storage.