FISH analysis with DNA probes for detection of trisomies X, 8, 12, and 17 that are recurrent in human pluripotent stem cell cultures. Assay performed by clinically certified cytogenetic technologists and reviewed by an ABMG-certified director, with results available in 1-2 days.

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what it detects:

  • Greater than 50% of recurrent trisomies in both human ES and iPS cell lines
  • Trisomies of human chromosomes X, 8, 12, and 17

What it doesn't detect:

  • Aneuploidies of chromosomes other than X, 8, 12, and 17
  • Structural chromosome abnormalities

When to use:

FAST FISH Interphase
  • As a rapid screen for large numbers of clones
  • As a cost-effective tool for monitoring aneuploidy