Cytogenetics Reports and Privacy Policy

WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory accepts materials for testing from its customers, which include certain of its affiliates. We understand that the samples provided to us for testing are important to you. WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory treats all information and materials relating to customer testing as confidential information. This confidentiality policy is central to WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory practices.

Is the request for information form confidential?

Yes. WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory staff reviews the request for information form in order to provide information to you. We do retain the information submitted by our customers for our records, but do not share it with any third parties.

How will I receive test results?

Test results will be emailed to the address provided as an attached PDF report, unless otherwise specified.

Can I access test results via the internet?

No. Test results are provided in electronic form via email. WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory does not maintain a publicly accessible data base of test results.

Who has access to my test results?

Testing results and information relating to tested samples are provided to the customer, according to the delivery information provided by the customer. WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory staff has access to the samples and information provided, for the sole purpose of conducting the requested tests. No other persons have access to the information provided. The test data results acquired from tested samples may, however, be compiled with other test data for scientific research and reporting. In that case, all identifiers capable of linking a customer with specific test data would be removed to ensure the anonymity of the customer, their samples and results. Customers may opt out of having their anonymous data used in the above manner by notifying us in writing.

What information does WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory retain?

WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory keeps all information regarding customer samples such as cell type, passage, type of media used to culture the cells, and the final test results and analysis. In addition, to the extent that there is material remaining from the tested sample, WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory maintains it in storage.

Does WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory share its customer lists with its affiliates?

No. The identity of WiCell Cytogenetics Laboratory customers is also kept confidential.