Ship Cryopreserved Cells to WiCell from Anywhere


WiCell accepts cryopreserved cell lines for analysis, providing clients around the world easier access to our testing services.


How it Works:

       Send sample to WiCell

        WiCell personnel will help
        coordinate the shipment of
        your cryopreserved materials.
        Ship your cryopreserved
        samples to Wicell and we
        will take care of the rest!

               WiCell thaws vial and

                   performs testing  

            WiCell thaws the material and
            expands it until there are enough
            cells to complete testing.
            All requested tests are then

            Client receives test


                     WiCell emails the test
                     reports directly to you.
                     Turn around times vary
                     by test, but are the
                     fastest in the field.