Quality Control Testing

WiCell understands the importance of assuring the quality of your reagents and materials to achieve good results. Working with leading scientists, WiCell developed quality control assays that are used in testing all critical material involved in its banking and distribution processes. While initially these services were used for internal testing of reagents only, in response to customer demand WiCell is now offering testing services on a fee for service basis. Whether you are looking to mitigate the risk in purchasing a large lot of materials, or are interested in independent validation of a new reagent or medium, WiCell can be Your Lab Partner in completing this critical evaluation.

Clients including academic investigators, core facilities, biomanufacturing facilities and commercial organizations have found QC testing useful for

  • Evaluating large lots of material to assure performance prior to purchase
  • Testing new lots of product to ensure batch-to-batch consistency in manufacturer
  • Beta testing new cell culture products to receive feedback from trusted experts
  • Assessing materials for use in the stem cell field when culture expertise isn’t available internally

Types of products tested include:

  • Basal medium
  • Supplemental medium
  • Culture additives
  • Substrates
  • Culture vessels
  • Filter units
  • Storage containers
WiCell uses a five passage assay to determine if test materials meet established standards for pluripotent stem cell culture. Clients may select human embryonic stem (ES) cells and/or induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for QC testing. Cultures are verified as karyotypically normal by G-band both prior to and following QC testing. Following completion of a QC assay, clients are provided full reports indicating cell expansion (through five passages) and differentiation status (Oct 3/4 and SSEA4 marker expression) of the resulting cultures. 

Pricing for WiCell's basic QC services is dependent on the number of treatments in the assay. Appropriate controls are included in every test; therefore the minimum assay size is two treatments. The assay can be modified to suit the needs of the client.

Please contact us via “Request Additional Information” for more details. 

Let WiCell be Your Lab Partner in critical evaluations, and gain the confidence
that comes from more than a decade of human PSC quality control.