An additional clone from this iPS cell line (HVRDi001-A) is available from WiCell.

** This cell line contains an expected karyotypic abnormality: Balanced t(1;12)(q42.1;q15) translocation in all cells.
Cell Line Alias fAD1, fAD 1B, hFAD-1 clone b, fAD-1B
Cell Type Human iPS
Disease Familial Alzheimer`s disease
Genetic Alteration/Mutation APPV7171 mutation
Sex Male  
Age at Collection 57 years
Genetically Related Cell Lines  
Reprogramming Method Viral transfection (Lentivirus: Oct4, Klf4, Sox2, cMyc)
Tissue Origin Skin
Provider Brigham and Women`s Hospital - Dr.Tracy Young-Pearse
dbGaP Data  
Eagle-I UID  
hPSCReg ID  
NIH Approval  
Pub Med Abstract  
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