Stem Cell Line Collections

WiCell has grouped some cell lines into "Collections" to offer researchers another way to identify cell lines of interest.  A detailed description of each collection is available by clicking on the links below.

Attribute Collections
Cohort Studies Collections
Disease Model Collections
NHLBI Next Generation Genetic Association Studies (Next Gen) Collection

Attribute Collections

These collections are comprised of cell lines with a common characteristic, such as approval by a particular regulatory body (e.g. "NIH Approved").

Clinical Grade (cGMP) Cell Banks

Cohort Studies Collections

These collections are comprised of cell lines used in various research studies regarding topics such as investigating the causes of disease or establishing links between risk factors and health outcomes.

GENESIS Project Collection
GeneSTAR Study Collection
Wellderly Study Collection

Disease Model Collections

These collections are intended to display a set of disease model cell lines together that were created and/or utilized for a particular study/publication.  Each collection is highly specific, and is comprised of cell lines with differing compositions of affected status (affected, carrier, control, etc.).

NHLBI Next Generation Genetic Association Studies (Next Gen) Collection

These cell lines were created as Next Generation Genetic Association Studies (Next Gen) Program, which was a five-year, $80 million program to investigate functional genetic variation in humans by assessing cellular profiles that are surrogates for disease phenotypes. To achieve this, researchers from multiple institutions across the U.S. were awarded grants to derive iPS cell lines from more than 1,500 individuals representing various conditions as well as healthy controls for use in functional genomic (‘disease in a dish’) research. This extensive panel includes a diverse set of age, gender and ethnic backgrounds, and therefore will be an invaluable tool for evaluations across demographics. Further enhancing the utility of these cell lines are data sets such as phenotyping, GWAS, genome sequencing, gene expression and -omics analyses (e.g., lipidomic, proteomic, methylomic) that will be made available with the cell lines. 

Available Now: 
Sickle Cell Anemia   (Dr. Steinberg, Dr. Mostoslavsky, Dr. Murphy, Boston University and Boston Medical Center's Center for Regenerative Medicine)  
Insulin resistance syndrome   (Dr. Thomas Quertermous, Stanford University)  
Coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction  (Dr. Eric Topol, Scripps Research Institute) 
Platelet Aggregation (Dr. Lewis Becker, The Johns Hopkins University)
Lipid Conditions (Dr. Daniel Rader, University of Pennsylvania) 
QT Interval and ECG Cardiac Traits  (Dr. Kelly Frazer, University of California San Diego)
Pulmonary Artery Hypertension   (Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch, Stanford University)

Coming Soon: 
Left ventricular hypertrophy   (Dr. Ulrich Broeckel, Medical College of Wisconsin) 
Myocardiac infarction   (Dr. Chad Cowan, Harvard University)