Stem Cell Services

As an established leader in the field of stem cell science, WiCell’s expertise in human stem cell banking and quality control is unparalleled. Expand your lab with ours! Utilize WiCell’s banking and testing services for your cells and cell products, and gain the confidence that comes from more than a decade of human PSC experience.


Cell Banking – An Overview

Cell banking, while critical for establishing, preserving and characterizing newly developed cell lines, is a time-consuming task that can tie up resources and distract from scientific research. WiCell’s contract banking service can ease this burden by assisting you in your ES and iPS cell banking efforts. With WiCell as Your Lab Partner, your team can concentrate on the science, while you leave the banking to us. MORE >

Quality Control Testing – An Overview

As the world leader in stem cell banking and distribution, WiCell understands the importance of assuring the quality of your reagents and materials to achieve good results. Working with leading scientists, WiCell developed quality control assays that are used in testing all critical material involved in its banking and distribution processes. While initially these services were used for internal testing of reagents only, in response to customer demand WiCell is now offering testing services on a fee for service basis. Whether you are looking to mitigate the risk in purchasing a large lot of materials, or are interested in independent validation of a new reagent or medium, WiCell can be Your Lab Partner in completing this critical evaluation. MORE >