Events and Conferences

SCientific Involvements

WiCell is involved in several ongoing efforts worldwide to further stem cell science, cell banking and standardization, and ethics efforts.

  • WiCell's Senior Scientist, Tenneille Ludwig, served as scientific advisor at the November, 2013, meeting of the International Stem Cell Foundation Ethics Working Party in Banff, Canada, where international standards for the sharing of genetic information related to cell lines were discussed and drafted.
  • WiCell participates in the International Stem Cell Banking Forum (ISCBF) and serves as one of the Core Research Laboratories for the International Stem Cell Initiative (ISCI). Visit the International Stem Cell Forum to learn more about this initiative. 

We'd love to meet you, contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at one of these events.  

2020 Events

Cell Symposia: Gene- and Cell-Bases Therapies: CRISPR, Stem Cells, and Beyond (March 2-4, 2020)
This meeting held in San Francisco, CA will bring together academic and industry scientists and clinicians working on developing and implementing gene therapy and cell-based therapy for a wide variety of conditions. Topics will include in vivo gene therapy with CRISPR and other platforms, ex vivo genetic engineering of immune cells and stem cells for translational applications, development of methods for delivering genes and editing machinery to desired target cells, and strategies to circumvent barriers such as host immune reactions against introduced vectors, proteins, and cells.

WiscCores Showcase (March, 2, 2020)
The WiscCores Showcase will connect researchers on the UW Madison campus with the resources that can support their work; learn about imaging, informatics, education, nanotechnology, surveys and more!

24th Annual Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Charleston (March 18-21, 2020)
The 24th Regenerative Medicine Workshop will take place at the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, bringing together leading experts from across the expansive field of regenerative medicine. This annual event is, by design, a collegial and “Gordon-style” gathering of interdisciplinary researchers who come together, often bringing their families, to enjoy an intimate, accessible environment just as spring is arriving on the Carolina coast. Each year approximately 200 participants – faculty, trainees, clinicians, industry representatives, and exhibitors – mingle and discuss their work face-to-face during a busy, diverse program spanning four days, which includes more than 40 podium presentations. Other events include a poster session, a trainee networking event, a lively debate/panel discussion, an ocean-side conference dinner, and other networking opportunities. A variety of sponsorship and exhibit opportunities with customized packages are available. The workshop, with a focus on combining scientific discovery with engineering principles to ultimately develop better clinical outcomes, is organized by Georgia Tech, Emory University, University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical University of South Carolina, and University of Florida. Representing WiCell at this event will be Tenneille Ludwig.

15th Annual Wisconsin Stem cell Symposium (April 22, 2020)
The Symposium is coordinated by the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the BTC Institute. Emerging technologies to measure gene and protein expression in single cells are toppling dogmas in the field of stem cell biology. To describe recent advances, this symposium brings together leading researchers in single cell omics and stem cell biology. The presentations will not only highlight the approaches to evaluate gene expression and regulation, cellular metabolism, and spatial organization in single cells, but will also describe the computational tools to decipher the biology from these measurements.

Cell & Gene Washington Forum Fly-In (May 19-20, 2019)
In addition to a full day of committee meetings and programming, May 19 will culminate with the organization’s 11th Annual Dinner. The following morning, May 20, join 100+ ARM members on Capitol Hill for meetings with key members of Congress and Administration officials to describe the immense near-term potential of advanced therapies and the need for continued legislation that supports the development of these lifesaving treatments.