Events and Conferences

SCientific Involvements

WiCell is involved in several ongoing efforts worldwide to further stem cell science, cell banking and standardization, and ethics efforts.

  • WiCell's Senior Scientist, Tenneille Ludwig, served as scientific advisor at the November, 2013, meeting of the International Stem Cell Foundation Ethics Working Party in Banff, Canada, where international standards for the sharing of genetic information related to cell lines were discussed and drafted.
  • WiCell participates in the International Stem Cell Banking Forum (ISCBF) and serves as one of the Core Research Laboratories for the International Stem Cell Initiative (ISCI). Visit the International Stem Cell Forum to learn more about this initiative. 

We'd love to meet you, contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at one of these events.  

Upcoming events

WiCell will be represented at the events and conferences listed below. Our booth will be on exhibit at the events indicated.

April 2018

13th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium - BTCI, Madison, WI (April 18, 2018)

20 Years of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Current Clinical Trails and Regulatory Framework, Madison, WI. 


June 2018

IABS 4th Cell Therapy Conference, Los Angeles, CA (June 5-6, 2018)
WiCell's Tenneille Ludwig will be attending the 4th Cell Thereapy Conerence in Los Angeles, CA.  The conference will identify key unresolved issues that need to be addressed for the manufacture and testing of pluripotent stem cell-based therapies and provide scientific consensus on selected aspects to inform the drafting of future national and international guidance. The meeting will bring together representatives from industry, academia, health services and regulatory bodies.

September 2018

6th Cambridge International Stem Cell Symposium (September 19-21, 2018)
WiCell's Tenneille Ludwig will be attending The 6th Cambridge International Stem Cell Symposium will bring together biological, clinical and physical stem cell scientists, working across multiple tissues and at different scales, to share data, discuss ideas and address the biggest fundamental and translational questions in stem cell biology.

UW Madison Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (SCRMC) Fall Conference (September 21, 2018)  
This event, which is organized by the SCRMC postdoctoral fellows, will bring together stem cell scientists from across the UW-Madison campus for an afternoon of exploration, discovery, and fun.


October 2018

Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa (October 3-5, 2018)
Robert Drape, Seth Taapken, and Jenna Gay will be representing WiCell this year at The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa.  A three-day conference combining discussions between key opinion leaders, senior executives and top academic researchers. The program also includes 60+ presentations by the field’s most promising companies and 35 poster abstracts by leading scientists from around the globe.

ISSCR "Changing the Face of Modern Medicine: Stem Cells & Gene Therapy (October, 16-19, 2018)
Attending from WiCell Tenneille Ludwig will be at ISSCR for “Changing the Face of Modern Medicine: Stem Cells & Gene Therapy” in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland. This meeting will offer four days of compelling talks, poster presentations, and networking events that highlight the translational process. From basic stem cell research to treatments in the clinic, this collaborative event between the ISSCR and ESGCT will bring insight and perspective to the broad scope of stem cell and regenerative medicine. 
The New York Stem Cell Foundation Annual Conference (October 23-24, 2018)
Robert Drape will be attending on behalf of WiCell. The NYSCF Conference is the leading scientific meeting on translational stem cell research. It convenes nearly 500 participants from academia, industry, government, non-profits, and patient groups. This year’s speakers include NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins among many world-renowned, multi-disciplinary scientists, who will present their latest findings about the transformative impact of stem cell research on numerous diseases with a high unmet need.


December 2018

Cell Symposium: Translation of Stem cells to the Clinic (December 2-4, 2018)
Robert Drape and Tenneille Ludwig will be representing WiCell at the Cell Symposium at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, CA.  The goal of this Cell Symposium is to bring clinicians, basic stem cell biologists, and cell manufacturing and pharmaceutical stakeholders together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for clinical translation of stem cell research and to help synergize efforts taking place in a variety of systems at diverse stages in the process.

February 2019

Stem Cells & Organoids in Disease & Development (February 20-22, 2019)
WiCell's Robert Drape will be attending Stem Cells & Organoids in Disease & Development. This symposia offers three days of insightful presentations and conversations around a research topic at the forefront of our field. Held in Amsterdam, renowned keynote speakers Hans Clevers and Jurgen Knoblich will give the opening and closing talks; in between, hear from invited experts from around the globe, and abstract-selected speakers presenting their latest research.