Below you will find upcoming event that WiCell will be in attendance, sponsoring, or exhibiting at.  We'd love to meet you, contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at one of these events.  


April 2022

16th Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium (April 20, 2022)
The Symposium is coordinated by the University of Wisconsin – Madison Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center and the BTC Institute. Cell competition is an emerging field of stem cell biology that has important implications in healthy aging and disease states.  To describe recent advances, this symposium will bring together leading researchers studying competition between stem cells and competitive interactions within their niche. The presentations will highlight the approaches to evaluate molecular mechanisms responsible for selective expansion and elimination of cell populations during development, reprogramming and disease.

May 2022

International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (May 4-7, 2022)
ISCT 2022 will revitalize past networks, spark new connections, and most importantly deliver education bridging together innovative translation, therapeutic design, clinical evaluation, and commercial adoption of cell and gene therapies. This year WiCell's Dr. Tenneille Ludwig and Seth Taapken will be attending in person. 

American Society of Cell & Gene Thereapy (May 16-19, 2022)
The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy’s (ASGCT) Annual Meeting, celebrating its 25th year in 2022, is the premier event for professionals in gene and cell therapy. The four-day meeting—and one preceding day of Pre-Meeting Workshops—is the best place for people in the field to learn from the latest scientific research, stay up to date on new technologies, and make career-advancing connections with peers. WiCell's Dr. Tenneille Ludwig and Seth Taapken will be in attendance virtually.

June 2022

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Annual Meeting (June 15-18, 2022)
The 2022 ISSCR Annual Meeting, co-sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies, gathers the world's leading scientists, clinicians, business leaders, ethicists, and educators from more than 65 countries. Together, we celebrate 20 years of excellence, advances, and contributions of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Discovery, careers, advocacy, inspiration, new business, and relationships start here. WiCell will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the event.