Events and Conferences

SCientific Involvements

WiCell is involved in several ongoing efforts worldwide to further stem cell science, cell banking and standardization, and ethics efforts.

  • WiCell's Senior Scientist, Tenneille Ludwig, served as scientific advisor at the November, 2013, meeting of the International Stem Cell Foundation Ethics Working Party in Banff, Canada, where international standards for the sharing of genetic information related to cell lines were discussed and drafted.
  • WiCell participates in the International Stem Cell Banking Forum (ISCBF) and serves as one of the Core Research Laboratories for the International Stem Cell Initiative (ISCI). Visit the International Stem Cell Forum to learn more about this initiative. 


Upcoming events

WiCell will be represented at the events and conferences listed below. Our booth will be on exhibit at the events indicated.


We'd love to meet you, contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at one of these events.  


March 2019

WiscCores Showcase, (March 5, 2019)
The WiscCores Showcase will connect researchers on the UW Madison campus with the resources that can support their work; learn about imaging, informatics, education, nanotechnology, surveys and more!  Kim Leonhard and Dan Felkner will be representing WiCell at the event and a flash talk will be given by Seth Tappken with Tenneille Ludwig on hand to answer questions. 


23rd Annual Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Charleston (March 20-23, 2019)
This year’s workshop will focus on “Synergizing Science, Engineering, and Clinical Translation,” and is co-organized by the Regenerative Engineering and Medicine Center (a research consortium between Georgia Tech, Emory, and the University of Georgia), the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Wisconsin Madison, the Mayo Clinic, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the University of Florida. Representing WiCell at this event will be Tenneille Ludwig and Kim Leonhard

April 2019

14th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium, (April 17, 2019)
The Symposium is coordinated by the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the BTC Institute. It brings together leading researchers in immunotherapies and stem cell biology. The presentations will highlight advances in immunotherapies as well as efforts to understand and overcome immunological barriers to cell-based therapies.


May 2019

Cell & Gene Washington Forum & Fly In (May 21-22, 2019)
Robert Drape from WiCell will join other ARM members for a full day of committee meetings and programming, May 21 will culminate with the organization's 10th Annual Dinner. The following morning, May 22, he will join 100+ ARM members on Capitol Hill for meetings with key members of Congress and Administration officials to describe the immense near-term potential of advanced therapies and the need for continued legislation that supports the development of these life saving treatments.

The Second Pluripotency & Reprogramming Symposium (May 24, 2019)

Human ​pluripotent ​stem ​cells ​possess ​the ​ability ​to ​self ​renew ​in ​vitro ​while ​maintaining ​a ​developmental ​plasticity ​that ​is ​ similar ​to ​that ​exhibited ​by ​progenitor ​cells ​of ​the ​very​ early ​embryo. ​As ​a ​result, ​pluripotent ​stem ​cells ​may ​provide ​ an ​inexhaustible ​supply ​of ​any ​differentiated ​cell ​type ​for ​both ​in ​vitro ​studies ​of ​disease ​and ​regenerative ​medicine.  Held at the Broad Institute, this symposium will feature world leaders who will describe their latest advances in stem cell biology and reprogramming. WiCell's Tenneille Ludwig will speak at this event. 


June 2019

ISSCR 2019 Annual Meeting, (June 26 - 29, 2019)

With more than 3,500 attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and media, the meeting brings together everyone from senior scientists to trainees to discover, share, and network with leading innovators in the stem cell community. Attending ISSCR 2019 from WiCell will be, Robert Drape, Tenneille Ludwig, Seth Taapken, Jenna Gay, Erik McIntire, and Dan Felkner.  Visit us at booth #1021.