WiCell’s Support for University of Wisconsin–Madison

As a support organization for UW–Madison, WiCell offers a wide array of services and support designed to keep UW at the forefront of advances in stem cell technology.  

Current Support Includes: 

  • Pre-qualified reagents such as media and media components, matrices, MEFs and antibodies
  • A full range of cytogenetic testing services to support work with cell lines
  • Mycoplasma and Authentication (STR) testing
  • Specialized testing including teratoma services, mycoplasma screening and quality control testing
  • High quality and well characterized cell lines from the WiCell Stem Cell Bank
  • Technical assistance 
  • Fully equipped laboratory space
  • Long-term LN2 storage options
  • Grant writing assistance for budgeting and core services needs
For a more detailed list of support services available to UW researchers, please log in to the Members Only section of the UW Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine website, stemcells.wisc.edu, or contact WiCell for more information.