WiCell offers detection of mycoplasma contamination using the EZ-PCR process Mycoplasma Test Kit. This kit consists of a primer set that amplifies the conserved and mycoplasma-specific 16S rRNA gene region1. This test detects 96 species of mycoplasma contamination, including the 6 species that are responsible for 95% of cell culture contamination2. The evidence of 96 mycoplasma species are visualized as an amplified fragment by agarose gel electrophoresis. Please visit Sartorius for more information on the EZ-PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit.


WiCell strongly recommends cessation of all antibiotic treatment of cell cultures for at least 2 weeks prior to submission for mycoplasma testing. Antibiotic treatment could affect the ability of the assay to detect low-level mycoplasma infection.


what it detects:

  • 96 species of mycoplasma contamination from stem cell cultures.
    • Sensitivity (5-100 CFU/ml)

what it doesn't detect:

  • This system does not allow the amplification of DNA originating from other sources, such as bacteria.

When to use:

  • To monitor the health of your cell line
  • To monitor for contamination in shared lab spaces
  • To assure that mycoplasma is not interfering with your experiments
  • To rule out mycoplasma as the culprit of chromosomal aberrations

Interpreting your Mycoplasma results

When your mycoplasma testing is complete you will be provided with a Mycoplasma Assay Report.  Please see our sample Mycoplasma Assay Report for to help interpret your results.