Stem Cells

WiCell provides the highest quality human pluripotent stem cell lines to researchers around the world. While founded on the original lines derived by Dr. James Thomson in 1999, WiCell has greatly expanded its offerings to provide an incredibly diverse selection of research and clinical grade materials for use in academic and translational research.  Most cell lines are available in feeder-free culture platforms, and technical support is available to help you establish materials in your laboratory.  Our catalog is searchable, and includes:

  • Human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines: Includes cell lines pre-approved for use with NIH and MRC funding, and registered with hPSCreg for use in the EU.  The collection includes WA09 (H9), the most widely used and published line globally.  Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines: Our large iPSC collection has tremendous diversity across multiple factors including ethnicity, age, sex and disease state.  It includes related cell lines, apparently normal and disease model lines, and both natural and engineered isogenic pairs.     
  • Cell lines banked under GMP conditions: Master Cell Bank vials of WA09 (H9) are available.  These lines have been banked under cGMP compliant conditions and are thoroughly tested in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 1271 points to consider, making them ideal for use as starting material for clinical applications.  A Drug Master File in place with the FDA, and access will be provided upon request as part of an Investigational New Drug (IND) Application.   Matched research bank material is available for assessment and use in preclinical applications.
  • Modified hES cell lines: Genetically engineered reporters, disease models, and isogenic corrected controls.
  • Disease model iPS cell lines: Includes affected, carrier, and controls.
  • …and more!  

Detailed information for each cell line is accessible in our online catalog.