Stem Cells

WiCell provides the highest quality human pluripotent stem cell lines to researchers around the world. Starting with the initial deposit of the first five embryonic stem cell lines (WA01, WA07, WA09, WA13, WA14) derived by Dr. James Thomson, WiCell has greatly expanded its offerings to include:

  • Human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines: Includes original lines from the National Stem Cell Bank as well as additional stem cell lines derived by WiCell.
  • Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines: Cells reprogrammed prior to deposit.
  • Cell lines banked under GMP conditions: H1 (WA01), H9 (WA09), and H14 (WA14) cell lines banked under GMP conditions, ideal for use as starting material for clinical applications. Matched research bank material is available for assessment and use in preclinical applications.
  • Modified hES cell lines: Genetically modified.
  • Disease model iPS cell lines: Includes affected, carrier, and controls.
  • Differentiated cell lines: Includes neural progenitor cells. 
  • Xeno-free, completely defined cell lines: Derived under rigorous quality systems, these cell lines have never been exposed to animal products and are ideal for future therapeutic applications.

Detailed information for each cell line is accessible in our online catalog.