G-Banded Karyotyping

Chromosome analysis, optimized for human and mouse pluripotent stem cells. Assay performed by clinically certified cytogenetic technologists and reviewed by an ABMG-certified director, with results available in 7-10 days.

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What it detects:

  • Microscopic genomic abnormalities (>5-10 Mb)

    • Inversions
    • Duplications/deletions
    • Balanced and unbalanced translocations
    • Aneuploidies
  • >10% mosaicism (for example: cultures where >1 of 10 cells are trisomy 12)


What it doesn't detect:

  • Submicroscopic genomic abnormalities (<5Mb)


When to use:

  • As a baseline genomic screen 

    • At derivation of cell lines 
    • At the start of experimental protocols 
    • To assess and monitor genomic stability (ex. every 5-10 passages of cell culture) 
    • At conclusion of experiments (prior to publication) 
  • For cell line banking when publication-quality karyotypes are needed