As an established leader in the field of stem cell science, WiCell’s expertise in human stem cell banking is unparalleled. Expand your lab with ours by utilizing WiCell’s banking and depository services for your cells and gain the confidence that comes from more than a decade of human PSC experience. 

Contract banking, while critical for establishing, preserving and characterizing newly developed cell lines, is a time-consuming task that can tie up resources and distract from scientific research. WiCell’s contract banking service can ease this burden by assisting you in your ES and iPS cell banking efforts. With WiCell as Your Lab Partner, your team can concentrate on the science, while you leave the banking to us. MORE>

Deposit stem cells with WiCell.  Your time is valuable.  Eliminate the burden of shipping lines from your laboratory, and trust WiCell’s unrivaled experience with stem cells.  We will manage all aspects of your distribution, allowing you to focus on your research. MORE>

"We considered a variety of biorepository options for our iPSC collection and could not be happier with our choice of WiCell, Inc. Their model provides our consortium with a cost-effective and reliable way to store and distribute cells to the research community. WiCell’s scientists and staff consistently exhibit a high degree of professionalism, always knowledgeable, responsive and efficient. The two things that stand out the most in our relationship with WiCell are (1) the reliability of Wicell’s karyotyping services, which we now use for analysis of iPSC lines grown in our lab and (2) the vast experience of Tenneille Ludwig, Director of WiCell Stem Cell Bank. Tenneille has become highly valued colleague who continues to generously share with us her extensive knowledge of stem cell biology."

 - Amy Alessi, PhD, Science Officer, Collaborative Center for X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism at Massachusetts General Hospital