Short Tandem Repeat (STR)

Establish or verify a Short Tandem Repeat profile via Promega Powerplex® 16 System.  Assay performed using standard operating procedures and interpreted by an experienced clinician in a CAP and CLIA certified lab.  

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What it detects:

  • STR polymorphisms for 15 loci plus amelogenin (Promega PowerPlex® 16)
  • Probability of matching identity to an existing STR profile
  • Cell-line cross contamination to 5%

What it doesn't detect:

  • STR polymorphisms in areas other than those represented in Promega PowerPlex® 16
  • Cell-line cross contamination <5%

When to use:

  • To monitor identity of a cell line
  • To confirm relationship of iPS cells to their parent line
  • To establish an STR profile of a newly derived or reprogrammed cell line
  • To rule out culture cross-contamination