Alyssa Freund, CG(ASCP), Cytogenetics Technologist

Alyssa works primarily in chromosome analysis. She graduated with a BS in Biology with minors in chemistry and linguistics from the University of New Mexico, and currently holds an ASCP certification in Cytogenetics. Prior to WiCell, Alyssa was a Cytogenetics Technologist at LabCorp where she did prenatal CVS/POC culturing and analysis, as well as amniotic fluid and blood samples.

 Her favorite thing about WiCell:
"Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and inclusive, not only just at WiCell (even though my coworkers totally rock) but also 'Midwest nice' is so real!"

Alyssa loves all things creative, and in her free time enjoys writing, painting, crocheting, and making her own holiday/seasonal wreaths.