Korrine Thornell, Cytogenetics Specialist

Korrine Thornell is a Cytogenetics Specialist at WiCell performing cytogenetic analysis of stem cell cultures.  Korrine began working in cytogenetics in 1990 with a small company called Vivigen that eventually became Genzyme and then LabCorp. In her 31 years in the field she has gained experience in amnio and blood chromosomes.  She also has experience in the FISH area called InSights whereby she counts fluorescent probes for chromosomes that are known to show up in the human gnome.  For 8 years she was the Cytogentic Training Manager and loved introducing new college graduates to learning the pattern of chromosomes and the exciting field of Cytogenetics.  She was also the Safety Officer during those 8 years and learned a lot about Safety Audits and improvements. Korrine holds her Bachelor Degree in Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and is ASCO Certified. 

"I love that WiCell offers the opportunity to work from home and the collaboration with fellow co-workers made possible through Slack".