Seth Taapken, Director of Operations

Seth Taapken is the Director of Operations at WiCell. In this role, Seth manages organization-wide efforts that support the mission and goals of WiCell. Seth also leads the Characterization Laboratory at WiCell which specializes in cell line cytogenetics and quality testing.

Seth holds Master of Science in Biotechnology and Master of Business Administration degrees from UW Madison and a BA-Biology from Macalester College of St. Paul. Seth maintains ASCP certification as a Clinical Specialist in Cytogenetics and continues to use this training in his work at WiCell. Seth first gained experience in human genetics when working at a diagnostics lab with Genzyme. Through the time that Seth has worked at WiCell he’s contributed to multiple publications and presentations that address the role of genetic stability in stable cell lines and long term cell culture.

Seth enjoys working closely with investigators and companies to understand their research needs and assist in designing a characterization plan that utilizes WiCell’s expertise to meet their goals.