Tenneille Ludwig, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Director of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank

Tenneille Ludwig currently serves as a Senior Scientist and the Director of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank overseeing the banking, distribution, and core services operations at WiCell. Dr. Ludwig obtained her Bachelor's and Master’s degrees from Washington State University prior to completing a Ph.D. in embryology and developmental biology with a minor in bioethics from UW–Madison in 2001. Her subsequent work in the laboratory of Dr. James Thomson (2001-2007) focused primarily on the optimization of cell culture conditions and resulted in the development of the first defined, feeder-independent culture system for human embryonic stem cells (TeSR/mTeSR). Dr. Ludwig's current work focuses on efforts to refine standards for banking, characterization, and distribution of research and cGMP grade materials, and working with investigators to support the advancement of stem cell technologies through clinical trial. 

In addition to Tenneille's duties at WiCell she also serves on the following committee's and boards: 
  • Committee Co-Chair on ISSCR Standards Initiative
  • National Representative for hSPSCreg Human Pluripotent Stem cell Registry
  • International Stem Cell Banking Initiative Steering Committee
  • International Stem Cell Initiative Genetics Study Group Steering Committee
  • ISSCR Manufacturing, Clinical Translation, and Industry Commitee
  • Madison College Biotechnology Training Program Advisory Committee 
  • Madison College Stem Cell Training Program Advisory Committee
  • ISSCR Ambassador 
  • UW Madison SCRMC Member
 Fun Fact:   Tenneille paid for her first 2 years of community college with money from her goat show winnings.