Timm Gonzales, Cytogenetics Specialist

Timm is a Cytogenetic Specialist who works for WiCell remotely from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Timm earned his BS in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Twenty six years ago, he began his prenatal cytogenetics career with Vivigen in Santa Fe. His primary focus was chromosome analysis, tissue culture, harvesting and sign out of chromosomes derived from amniotic cells.  He also worked in the CVS/POC wet lab where he specialized in the identification of intrauterine fetal tissue and the correct sampling of chorionic villi. Working at this Santa Fe laboratory enabled him to be involved in multiple areas of day to day lab operations. Timm performed chromosome analysis on samples derived from amniotic fluid, blood samples, bone marrow samples, chorionic villi and product of conception tissues. What Timm enjoys most about working at WiCell is being introduced to the fascinating world of embryonic stem cells. Now that he has the flexibility to work from home, he can now spend more time focusing on his new favorite pastime which is Crossfit. He also enjoys gardening, cooking and working on crossword puzzles.