Bioz and WiCell Launch New Collaboration to Bring Product Citation Data to the WiCell Website


May 06, 2024

Madison, WI—Bioz, Inc., a leading AI software company based in Silicon Valley, is excited to announce its partnership with WiCell, a recognized leader in cell line characterization and stem cell banking. With over 19,000 citations in scientific research publications, WiCell’s portfolio of stem cell lines is actively facilitating effective scientific and clinical research.

WiCell is launching the Bioz Content Hub on their website to allow users to access real-time product citation data. This interactive citation search tool hosts all WiCell publications on a standalone page, with a set of filters to guide users to the research that is most relevant to them. The Bioz Content Hub is equipped with search functionality, a citation map, and links from each publication to guide users to the associated product pages. The intuitive display supports the customer buying process while improving their product selection experience. 

The Bioz Content Hub also displays Bioz Stars ratings for each product. These scores are calculated based on multiple factors, such as article mentions, article date, and journal impact factor, providing researchers with immediate evidence of a product's effectiveness.

"We are very excited to launch our collaboration with WiCell," said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder and CRO of Bioz, also adding that "WiCell’s products are continuously cited in new publications, and we are proud to be able to support them in leveraging this data both to enrich their website and to support their customers."

WiCell’s product portfolio is also listed on the search engine, the world’s most comprehensive search engine for life science research. Scientists can now navigate directly to WiCell’s product pages via product listings to find cell lines for their research.

We’re incredibly excited to launch the Bioz Content Hub on our website," said Dr. Tenneille Ludwig, Director of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank. Dr. Ludwig added that "we have a large product portfolio, and tracking citations has historically been a resource intensive task. The Bioz Content Hub will be a powerful way for us to automate this process and offer a valuable research tool to our customers.

About Bioz
Bioz is the most advanced AI search engine for scientific experimentation. Evidence-based product ratings and recommendations guide scientists toward the most-validated products for their experiments, which accelerates research toward new discoveries. Bioz solutions for product supplier websites increase user engagement and sales conversion.

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About WiCell
Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, WiCell has been a leader in advancing stem cell research since 1999. WiCell provides high-quality stem cell lines and characterization services to empower scientists around the world. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration fuels their mission to accelerate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy.

To learn more about WiCell visit or contact [email protected].

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