WiCell Senior Scientist and Director of Stem Cell Bank, Dr. Tenneille Ludwig, Named as Candidate to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Board


Dr. Tenneille Ludwig
Dr. Tenneille Ludwig
February 15, 2024

Madison, WI
– WiCell, a leader in stem cell research and technology, is proud to announce Dr. Tenneille Ludwig, Senior Scientist and Director of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank has been named as a candidate to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Board of Directors in the area of industry expertise. 

Dr. Ludwig's nomination to the ISSCR Board reflects her profound commitment to collaborative work and her belief in the power of consensus-driven problem solving in the global stem cell research community. "I've always viewed my role as more of a collaborator than an individual researcher," Dr. Ludwig stated. "Inclusion in decision-making is essential for achieving the best outcomes for all stakeholders. It is crucial to recognize and respect the perspectives of industry and industry-associated stakeholders such as reagent and service providers, research foundations, non-profits, core facilities, and others, which have historically been underrepresented at the highest levels of the ISSCR."

Her approach to committee work is characterized by active participation and a commitment to excellence. "I believe in putting your best energy and foot forward to see things through to their conclusion. Being considered for the ISSCR board is an honor, and serving provides an opportunity to address common challenges and participate in shaping the direction of the society to meet the evolving needs of the field with industry and industry adjacent needs in mind," Dr. Ludwig added.

With a career dedicated to fostering innovation through collaboration, Dr. Ludwig's work embodies WiCell's mission to support and accelerate stem cell research. WiCell invites the stem cell research community and the public to support Dr. Ludwig in the upcoming ISSCR board election, recognizing her invaluable contributions and vision for a more inclusive and collaborative future in stem cell science.

For more information about Dr. Tenneille Ludwig's nomination and to learn how you can participate in the voting process, please visit the ISSCR 2024 Election Page.

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