Cell banking, while critical for establishing, preserving, and characterizing newly developed cell lines, is a time-consuming task that can tie up resources and distract from scientific research. WiCell’s contract cell banking service can ease this burden by assisting you in your ES and iPS cell banking efforts.

Working with WiCell you can expect:
  • Excellent Communication: From receipt of seed vials through the delivery of the final cell bank, our staff will work with your investigators to assure the best possible outcome. 
  • Expert Staff:  Our banking staff will expand and cryopreserve ES and iPS cell lines. If the quality of a starting culture is a concern for you, WiCell is often able to recover difficult lines and improve the quality before creating the bank.  Even the most challenging lines are usually no match for our highly skilled cell culturists.
Example of differentiation evident in starting materials provided to WiCell.
Differentiation removed and quality of material improved in WiCell’s contract banking process.

  • Quality Oversight:  All work is performed under WiCell’s Quality Systems.  This includes document controlled SOPs, equipment monitoring, and maintenance programs, routine audits, etc., all overseen by WiCell’s dedicated Quality Assurance experts.  
  • Characterization Options: To ensure rigor and reproducibility standards, all banking projects include the following characterization: Short Tandem Repeat (STR) to establish or confirm identity; karyotype to demonstrate genetic stability; sterility and mycoplasma testing to assure the cells are not contaminated; thaw recovery to assure cultures can be easily established in your laboratory, and morphology assessment to confirm normal visual morphology.  Additional testing (including expanded genetic testing, flow cytometry, pluripotency testing, etc.) can be provided based on your specific project needs. 
  • Complete Documentation: A certificate of analysis along with all final testing reports will be provided along with banked material.  

Material banked under contract with WiCell can be returned to the requestor or deposited with WiCell's biorepository for worldwide distribution. 

Please contact us via "Request Additional Information" for more details.