This reporter cell line is a modified version of WA09 (H9), engineered to use chromatin insulator elements to flank single-copy transgenes and integrate the combined expression constructs via PhiC31/R4 integrase-mediated recombination technology to the chromosome 13 locus precisely. Two copies of cHS4 double-insulator sequences were placed adjacent to both 5' and 3' of the promoter reporter constructs. The green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene is driven CMV early enhancer/chicken beta-actin (CAG) promoter. This results in constitutive GFP expression at the chromosome 13 locus that is maintained in prolonged culture. This cell line is a valuable tool for lineage development study, gain- and loss-of-function experiments, and human disease modeling using hESCs.
Cell Type Modified Human ES
Disease None reported
Genetic Modification Keyword Reporter; Constitutive
Sex Female
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Provider Life Technologies
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WB0207 mTeSR™1/Matrigel™   75 WiCell WiCell Feeder Independent Pluripotent Stem Cell Protocol with Supplement Culturing with Hygromycin and Zeocin PDF

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DB0001 Stem Cell Culture Medium (KOSR/MEF) Constitutive GFP reporter H9 cell line by homologous recombination. Provider Life Technologies LT2e-H9CAGGFP Protocol PDF