WA14-cGMP Material

Banked under cGMP and suitable for use in clinical programs. Complete FDA points to consider testing including virus testing has been performed. Karyotype, STR, and marker expression were performed both at thaw and at P+10 (End of Production testing). Resulting karyotype data for the extended culture suggests that there may be a very small subpopulation of cells with a gain in chromosome 20q present in the cGMP bank material. Complete testing data is included as a PDF in the table below under Product Information and Testing. To request this material please contact [email protected]
Cell Line Alias H14
Cell Type Human ES
Disease None reported
Sex Male
Genetically Related Cell Lines  
Provider WiCell
dbGaP Data  
Eagle-I UID  
hPSCReg ID  
NIH Approval  
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Collection(s) Clinical Grade (cGMP) Cell Banks
NIH Approved

Current Lot Information

Lot Number Culture Platform Lot Description Passage Number Banked By Protocol Product Information & Testing
MB-001 mTeSR™1/Matrigel™ To order this material please contact [email protected] 21 WiCell WiCell Feeder Independent Pluripotent Stem Cell Protocol PDF