Additional clones from this iPS cell line (WC026i-5807-3 and WC028i-5807-6) are available from WiCell. This cell line was generated from an unaffected, healthy neonate. The cell line is useful as an age-matched experimental control.
Cell Type Human iPS
Disease None reported
Sex Female
Age at Collection Neonatal
Ethnicity Caucasian
Ethnicity Information Self-reported
Genetically Related Cell Lines  
Reprogramming Method Non-Integrating (Episomal Plasmid: Oct4, Klf4, Sox2, cMyc )
Tissue Origin Skin
Provider University of Wisconsin - Dr. Anita Bhattacharyya
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hPSCReg ID  
NIH Approval  
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WB66542 mTeSR1/Matrigel   10 WiCell WiCell Feeder Independent Pluripotent Stem Cell Protocol PDF