As a recognized world leader in pluripotent stem cell banking and characterization, WiCell provides the stem cell community with high-quality cell lines as well as accurate and reliable cell characterization and cytogenetic testing services. The WiCell Stem Cell Bank provides a diverse range of human pluripotent stem cell lines, including embryonic stem cells (ESCs), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), disease models, genetically modified variants, and cGMP grade cell lines. Our characterization services include non-GMP and cGMP karyotyping, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH), and authentication via Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiling. In addition, we offer non-GMP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) microarray and mycoplasma testing. Long-term liquid nitrogen storage is available through our WiCellSAFE program and tailored services like quality control testing and contract cell banking, designed to help laboratories maximize their resources efficiently, are also available through WiCell. 
At WiCell, our mission extends beyond providing high-quality stem cell lines and characterization services. We are dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy globally. Through promoting best practices in cell banking and characterization, we aim to support groundbreaking research and clinical applications. Our efforts are rooted in a commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration, reflecting our history of pioneering stem cell technology since 1999. This commitment underscores our desire to support the scientific community as your lab partner. 

"Fate Therapeutics has worked with WiCell over the past decade.  WiCell has characterized cell lines for Fate, and they have delivered high quality study results as well as outstanding and knowledgeable service and technical support. WiCell has supported both our research and translational studies, including in support of IND clearance of our iPSC-derived cell products."

- Bob Valamehr, Ph.D. - Chief  Development Officer, Fate Therapeutics

ISSCR Names Dr. Tenneille Ludwig Co-Recipient of 2024 Public Service Award

WiCell's Dr. Tenneille Ludwig was selected along with University of Sheffield Emeritus Professor, Peter Andrews as 2024 co-recipients of the prestigious 2024 ISSCR Public Service Award for their leadership in developing stem cell research standards. Read the full press release.

Partnering in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs

Read the latest blog from WiCell. In this 2023 year in review, WiCell's CEO, Robert Drape; Director of Operations, Seth Taapken; and Senior Scientist and Director of the WiCell Stem Cell Bank, Dr. Tenneille Ludwig share their thoughts on some of the keystone accomplishments and growth WiCell made in 2023 and some of the things on the horizon for our researchers in 2024. Read the whole blog to discover how WiCell is committed to partnering with you in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs.