NIH hES cell approval update under new federal funding guidelines


Last week the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the first wave of human embryonic stem cell lines approved for use in research under the new federal funding guidelines established earlier this year. While none of the previously approved lines available through the National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB) were included in this initial wave, the NSCB will continue to ship the 19 cell lines it has banked through the end of February, when its contract ends. Researchers with existing federal grants for research with the previously approved cell lines may continue to work with them through the end of their grant award periods.

One of the most frequently requested lines available from the NSCB, WiCell’s WA01(H1) line, is included in the next wave of 96 cell lines awaiting approval. WiCell intends to submit its additional four lines for approval once input is received on its initial submission of H1. Please direct any questions to [email protected]. Updated information will be provided as it becomes available.